Email Guidelines

Before sending an email, to help us serve you better, please use the following guidelines:

1. Career at CodeHatch - please put in the subject "Career At CodeHatch" alongside your area of expertise in the subject.

2. Business or Press - please put "Business Inquiry For CodeHatch".

3. General Account Issues - please put "General Account Issues" in the subject line. Be sure to include as much information as possible..

4. If your email is about anything else please give us some time to respond. If it is of an issue above and the subject line is not proper, expect some delay for us getting back.

5. If you read all the way to this you rock and we thank you for helping our inbox out and keeping us more productive!

Online support

Please email CodeHatch at the following address's: - Primary email for business inquires, press requests, work requests, and careers - Primary email for account requests, hack reports, exploit reports, and game requests

- If you did not hear back after a few weeks on an important issue, please email back and be sure to read the guildelines to the left. We apologize if we missed your mail.