Homestead (Singleplayer Mode)

Grandpa has passed down his old farm to you. Help nurture it back to life in the new Homestead mode for Heat. Homestead is a new Single Player mode, in which you build an amazing farm by day, and go to sleep at night.

Heat (Multiplayer Mode)

Survive the wilderness, build a home, raise a family, and expand your territory. Gain power as President, deliver justice as Sheriff, fight for your tribe as Chief, or show some southern hospitality as Governor. Begin your new life in 19th century America.


You must struggle to survive in a harsh medieval world. In order to do this, you must hunt wildlife, mine resources, build structures, and craft weapons and armor in order to protect yourself. You may form a guild, bring war to all opposition, and try to seize the throne and become king!

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    StarForge is a sci fi survival sandbox. Hunt to eat, dig for resources, craft many items, build a fort, and fight enemies in order to survive! Do this alone, or with other players, in a fully infinite procedural world.

  • Silas was released in September 2011. It was not a CodeHatch Corp. project, but rather created by William Sworin before CodeHatch was founded. Silas is an old school kart racing game for the PC. It was inspired by the many great retro kart racing games in the past, and delivers the same speed and twitch like gameplay found in those previous titles.

    It contains a blend of racing, shooting, and flight based gameplay. You can play on your LAN with friends, or offline. There are many modes to choose from such as racing and deathmatch.

  • Visit the Official Website at: | Download Silas for Free (DRM Free)